Environmental Valuation in Europe (EVE)

June 1998 - November 2000

Funded by DG-XII European Commission, Theme 4: Human Dimensions of Environmental Change, Contract ENV4-CT97-0558; and the Swiss Federal Office of Education and Science


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Project Method

Interdisciplinary Focus

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The purpose of this concerted action was to analyse effective methods for expressing the values associated with environmental goods and services, ecosystem functions, and natural capital with a view to the achievement of the goals summarised in the concept of sustainability.

In recognising the importance of environmental valuation this concerted action addressed the input of information to policy decisions and the diversity of research being undertaken at the time. The appropriate role for policy makers and citizens in environmental policy formation is a central focus of the debate over how different values should be expressed. The type of information relevant to the decision process extends from ecological functioning to moral values. Thus, a range of approaches to environmental valuation become relevant involving diverse disciplines such as ecology, economics, political science and philosophy.

EVE covered a variety of policy relevant topics (e.g. national accounting, natural capital, cost- benefit analysis, public participation, sustainable development) from different disciplinary perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach was incorporated into the structure of EVE. The goal was to overcome some of the problems identified with on-going environmental valuation research in Europe, and so to expose the variety of ways in which environmental values influence individual choice.

The EVE programme was focused around a series of workshops in which these issues were debated and output of immediate policy relevance produced. EVE encouraged the networking of active researchers in the field through workshops while stimulating wider debate via the production of a variety of publications . Among these note that the EVE policy brief series is now available for download from this internet site.

EVE Coordinator: Clive L. Spash
EVE Project Manager: Claudia Carter

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