CONCERTED ACTION: Environmental Valuation in Europe (EVE)


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 Project Aims

  • Build a European network of organisations actively working on environmental valuation issues both at the theoretical and policy levels.
  • Assess the state of the art and validity of environmental valuation in a range of specific policy areas, and identify gaps in current understanding.
  • Identify and explore problems with on-going environmental valuation research in Europe.
  • Expose the variety of ways in which a range of environmental values influence individual choice.
  • Include user groups concerns and input.
  • Go beyond standard 'technical' debates and explore fundamental issues.
  • Produce output of immediate policy relevance.
  • Recommend a programme of future interdisciplinary research on environmental valuation relevant to the decision making process.

Meeting these aims allowed a firm foundation for EVE to address problems relating to the current use of environmental valuation methods for achieving sustainability and for identifying future directions for research into wider concepts of value for inclusion in the policy arena.

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